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occupational therapy is serious - this is how we can help

Occupational Therapists (OTs) treat a wide variety of diagnoses, with a focus on the upper extremities, and work with patients to increase the performance of operational tasks (e.g., occupations). OTs are goal-oriented and concentrate on the performance of regions of job, including activities of daily living, schooling, work, play, leisure, social involvement, and sleep.


In Green Dog PT, we personalize individualized OT treatment strategies to cover the entire body. This approach goes well beyond regular occupational therapy care and sets you on a path to doing more optimally while also preventing potential accidents.


Who Would Benefit from Occupational Therapy?


Anyone feeling restricted when participating in everyday daily functions, exercise, or recreational and sports activities because of pain or other symptoms may benefit from occupational therapy. A perfect candidate for OT is somebody who's trying to achieve a functional goal and feels motivated to work toward and achieve that objective actively.


Requirements Our Occupational Therapy Services Treat


In Green Dog PT we treat a range of different orthopedic and neuromuscular ailments and diseases. Here are just a few of the numerous diagnoses our therapists treat daily:


HAND: Post-Operative, Fractures, Tendinopathies, Contractures, Neuropathies, Repetitive Stress Injuries


WRIST: Fractures, Ligament/Soft Tissue Sprains, Carpal Instabilities


ELBOW: Fractures, Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis, Nerve Entrapments


SHOULDER: Rotator Cuff, Tendonitis, Labral Pathology, Impingement, Nerve Entrapment


VISION: Post Concussion/Brain Injury Visual Impairments


PEDIATRICS: Developmental Delays, Torticollis, Musculoskeletal Impairments, Sports Injuries


ERGONOMICS: Work Set Modifications, Postural Dysfunction


SPLINTING: Custom Fabricated Orthosis of Elbow, Wrist, and Hand


How Can Green Dog PT Occupational Therapy Work?


When you get treatment at Green Dog PT, you can expect to be taken through an individualized program that addresses your specific needs and goals. On your first day, your therapist may take some time to listen, observe, and analyze to create a complete picture of your symptoms and injury.


This session will explain your treatment program, what to expect going forward with occupational therapy, and directions for any exercises you can start performing at home.


From this stage on, your treatment should be considered a partnership between you and your therapist. You know your body better than anybody else! Your therapist will guide you as you take control of your recovery, therefore ensuring outcomes that last well beyond your time at Green Dog PT.


Prices of Occupational Therapy Services


Services offered in an ordinary OT session can be charged through insurance, and for that reason are no excess cost to the individual. Please note that unlike physical treatment, patients must be given a prescription for occupational therapy.


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