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Physical Therapy is a medical approach to helping you regain functional capacity after trauma, and return to the life you're meant to live. Each Green Dog PT therapist comes with skills, tools, and experience to encourage injury healing and pain reduction and to identify other underlying physical impairments. These include weakness, flexibility, and joint stiffness, to name a few--which might require a more technical path to recovery.


Here at Green Dog PT, a holistic approach to healing means regularly treating the patient rather than only diagnosis or single body part. This manner, our motto"Back to Life" is more than a goal we have for you.

Additionally, it is a target our therapists have for themselves to personalize individualized treatment plans to deal with the entire body. This approach goes well beyond regular PT maintenance and will get you going and doing more optimally while also preventing potential accidents.


Who Would Benefit from Physical Therapy?


Anyone feeling restricted when engaging in regular day-to-day functions, exercise, or recreational and sports activities because of pain or other symptoms may benefit from physical therapy. A perfect candidate for PT is somebody who's trying to achieve a functional goal and feels motivated to work toward and achieve that objective actively.


Ailments Our Physical Therapy Services Heal


In Green Dog PT Physical Therapy, we treat a range of different orthopedic and neuromuscular ailments and diseases. Here are just a few of the numerous diagnoses our therapists treat daily:


HAND: Post Surgery, Splints, Epicondylitis

SHOULDER: Rotator Cuff, Tendonitis, Labral Pathology

NECK: Spasm, Headaches, Trigger Points, Dizziness

BACK: Herniated Disc, Postural Dysfunction, SI Joint, Stenosis, Sciatica

HIP: Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Labral Pathology, Impingement

KNEE: Tendonitis, ACL, Patellofemoral, Meniscus, Illiotibial Band Syndrome, Osteoarthritis

ANKLE & FOOT: Plantar Fascistic, Sprain, Strain, Shin Splints, Achilles Injury


How Can Green Dog PT Physical Therapy Work?


When you get PT therapy at Green Dog PT, you can expect to be taken through an individualized system that focuses on your specific needs and goals. On your first day, your physical therapist may take some time listening, observing, and analyzing to create a more complete picture of your symptoms and injury. This session will explain your treatment program, what to expect going forward with physical therapy, and directions for any exercises you can start performing at home.


From this stage on, your treatment should be considered a partnership between you and your therapist. Of course, no-one knows your body better than you! Your therapist will guide you as you take control of your recovery, thus ensuring results that last well beyond your time in Green Dog PT.


Prices of Physical Therapy Services in Sayville, NY


Services offered in a normal PT session can be charged through insurance and for that reason are no excess cost to the individual. Specializing specialized treatments (golf swing analysis, transitional care/personal training, etc.) are not covered by insurance, therefore billed at self-pay prices.

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